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A few years ago I wrote a book called Publicize Your Book. I intended that it serve writers who needed help figuring out how to reach their readers. It remains a necessary book because, more than ever, writers have to get involved—deeply involved—in marketing their books. Some writers find the marketing effort a necessary evil. For others, it’s the delight of their lives, as they create a serious following for their work and hear directly from their audience about how much their words are valued.

It seems daunting sometimes, for writers, for publishers, to get a grip on how fast publishing is changing, how challenging it can be to reach readers. Even the phrase “get a grip” has become irrelevant, as it seems nothing stands still long enough to allow you to get a good, firm hold.

As my child (8) would say, “that’s life, deal with it.”

So deal with it we shall.  Together. In good spirits and with generosity for our fellow writers and gratitude for our readers.

Read on!

Jacqueline Deval, Publicity for Authors

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