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Kickstarter for Authors: How to fund your book tour

March 17, 2012

Writing is solitary. Publishing is not. Which means you need to connect with others for your publishing success.

Kickstarter offers one approach for artists and writers and other creators: Post your project and the amount of money you need to raise in order to get community funding. Fund your book tour, for instance, or your self-published book.

I like the way Richard Christie is doing it. He’s a children’s book illustrator and seeks backing for his Decatur childrens bookstore.

I also like the way Ron Hogan is using it to underwrite a free app showcasing multi-media author interviews from his site, Beatrice.

And then there’s this enchanting project from A.N. Devers. She was seeking funding to report on 15 writers homes around England as material for her literary blog.

Like contributions to a PBS pledge drive, various levels of donation earn rewards such as signed works of art (Christie), social media consultations (Hogan), and limited edition illustrated postcards about the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth and the Dickens House in London (Devers).

Kickstarter is not for everyone. A friend sniffily pronounced it dishonest. But, to the contrary, I find myself charmed by the artistic energy found there and am rather tempted by Hogan’s social media consultation.

Go to Kickstarter and search on “book” or “author” to see what your colleagues are up to.

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  1. March 17, 2012 8:33 pm

    Nice idea! Kickstarter is so wonderful for so many things. I find the most wonderful starter projects on there.

  2. July 24, 2012 2:21 pm

    I used Kickstarter to publish the first installment of my legal thriller series, Sleepless Nights. The program also served as a primer for learning how to market. It requires more than just posting a project, you also have to get people to the project.

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