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5 Crazy Ways to Get Attention

January 7, 2012

Does all this publicity seeking go a bit too far? Decide for yourself.

1. Get your twitter name tattooed on the arm of an Olympic athelete. (Source: @PublicityHound and mediabistro.)

2. Print your book on a shower curtain! Another work of staggering genius from Dave Eggers. You can buy it here.

3. Harness the insect world.  Witness the publisher who tied little red tags to hundreds of flies and then released them in the halls of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The tags were printed with the publisher’s booth number. Do watch the video here. (Hmmm. Which lucky publicists had the job of tying the tags to all those flies?)

4. Write your book in public. Here authors go to work in the bookstore windows of London and Portland. You can follow them (Isabel Losada and Bart King) on Twitter. (And thank you, Mr. King, for writing that marvelous tome, The Big Book of Boy Stuff—a big favorite in our house and a great gift for any tween boy.)

5. Pay an actor to appear in public with your book. Author Jennifer Belle does exactly that.

Crazy, all right. Crazy like a fox.

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  1. January 7, 2012 3:44 pm


    Brave and glorious people!

    We would consider printing up, not a shower curtain (potential for negative effect of mold/mould/nastystuff in time), but a diaphanous drape for a small secluded reading nook of our most delicious hashtags and favorite/favourite/choicest teamgloria quotes.

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