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Great Twitter feeds for fiction writers

November 22, 2011

As I started to research this post, I came across an excellent freshly-published article called The Best Literary Blogs and Websites by Jane Friedman, who teaches in the Electronic Media division at University of Cincinnati and is a former publishing exec. She knows her stuff and you should follow her. If you’re a fiction writer and looking for relevant people to follow on Twitter, then Jane’s list is an excellent place to start. (Most of the recommended blogs have a linked Twitter account.)

To that list I’d add:

Sarah Weinman, who reports on the publishing industry and reviews mysteries for the Los Angeles Times and is as astute a book critic and publishing analyst as you’ll come across.

Douglas Clegg, who is way smart about building readership for his thrillers and fantasy novels. Recently he wrote 20 Tips for Writers which you can read on Scribd. It’s a good example of how he uses various media platforms to reach readers.

Mashable, which offers a list of fiction writers who Tweet in interesting ways. (Note that not all author links are still active. Twitter being a fluid medium, people come and go. For instance, after it was created, the novelist Alice Hoffman got into a Twitter war over a bad review and closed her account. Read the snarky version of those events on Gawker and a more level-headed report at the LA Times.)

There’s a lesson here: Don’t have fights in public. No one looks good and no one wins.

Another lesson: Social media are all entwined. Writers link their Twitter accounts to their Facebook accounts to their websites to Scrid to Tumblr and so on. So once you feel comfortably established on Twitter, you may want to build another platform—one more substantial—to recommend to your followers. A place where you can house all kinds of background info about you and your book, as well as share insights longer than 140 characters. Uh-oh…you might be feeling a blog coming on.

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